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    Below, please find articles written by our attorneys.

The Fate of the Unpaid Intern - The Saga Continues by Phillip J. Antis, Jr.

Fundamental Considerations When Entering into a Master Service Agreement by C. Peck Hayne Jr. and Scott A. O'Connor

Lessons for Louisiana Landmen from Recent Jurisprudence

Whose Right is it Anyway? Surface Use Issues in Oil & Gas Development

Oil & Gas Law Update 2013 by Charles L. Stinneford

Six Years Later - Louisiana Legacy Lawsuits since Act 312

Risk-Fee Business: What You Need to Know About Recent Changes to the Louisiana Risk-Fee Statute by Cynthia A. Nicholson

Two States Separated by a Common Law: A Comparison of Select Topics in Texas and Louisiana Oil & Gas Law

Social Media in the Workplace - Potential Traps for Employers and Employees by Phillip J. Antis, Jr.

Resolving the Case Through Settlement/Mediation - When, Why, and How to Get There? by Steven W. Copley

49th Annual Institute on Mineral Law "Restrictions on Assignment (Consent to Assign, Preferential Right to Purchase and Maintenance of Uniform Interest Provisions)"

54th Annual Institute on Mineral Law "A Review of Selected Lease Clauses"

Louisiana Supreme Court Upholds Subsequent Purchaser Doctrine

What To Do When OSHA Comes A Knockin' by Terrence K. Knister

Back to the Basics: Select Topics Under the Louisiana Mineral Lease Law

Things to Consider When Entering into a Confidentiality Agreement by Marion Welborn Weinstock

Enforcement of Non-Compete Agreements Under Louisiana Law by Donna Phillips Currault

Current Issues in Oil & Gas Shale Development, 58th Annual Mineral Law Institute, March 2011

A Primer on Overriding Royalties, 57th Annual Institute on Mineral Law

Discovery of Electronically Stored Information Under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure by Charles L. Stinneford

An Overview of the False Claims Act, Its Qui Tam Provisions, The Fraud Enforcement Recovery Act of 2009, and The Proposed False Claims Act Clarification Act by Charles L. Stinneford

"Help Me Help You" With E-Discovery: Working With Outside Counsel to Prepare for Discovery of Electronically Stored Information by Steven W. Copley

An Introduction to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Does Act 312 Work? We'll Find Out!

Implied Covenants of the Modern Mineral Lease

Act 312 - Constitutional, Supreme Court Says in M.J. Farms, LOGA Industry Report, Fall, 2008 at 19

Act 312 - Cleaning Up Legacy Litigation, LOGA Industry Report, Winter 2009 at 26

Best Practices in Drafting Offshore & Onshore Form Agreements

What's Happened in the Rat Hole Since We Last Met by Terrence K. Knister

Bankruptcy Cases and Issues of Interest (We Take Questions and Suggestions Too)

Doing Business in Texas

The Changing Regulatory Regime For Investigation of Accidents on Offshore E&P Facilities: MMS and USCG Developments - Association of Corporate Counsel Energy Address by Charles L. Stinneford

"Legacy Litigation" and Act 312 of 2006, 20 Tul. Env. L.J. 347

[Preso] The Impact of Hurricane Katrina from an Environmental Perspective by Terrence K. Knister

Indemnification and Anti-Indemnity Statutes as They Relate to Mineral Rights and Contracts

Legal Updates Affecting the E&P Industry

OCS Lease Terms

Louisiana and Texas Oil & Gas Law: An Overview of the Differences

A Tiger Veteran's Legacy

Contract Risk Management - Use of Insurance

Drafting Enforceable Indemnification Provisions For The Oil Field

Ethical Considerations In An Oil And Gas Practice

Best Practice in Contract Drafting

The Birth and Status of the Deepwater Offshore Model Form Operating Agreement

Must the Buyer Beware, Or Should the Seller Declare?

A Discussion of Ethics, Rules, and Causes of Action Relevant to Lawyers and Commercial Negotiators Involved in Natural Resources Transactions

NARO Presentation

Enterprise Risk Management in the OIl & Gas Industry

Texas Covenants Not to Compete Act

A Litigator's Perspective on the Purchase and Sale Agreement

Handling Disputes Between Surface and Servitude Owners & Recent Developments

Legal Aspects of U.S. Energy Policy: Prospects for the Natural Gas Glut

Risk-Fee Business: Selected Issues Relating to Louisiana's Risk-Fee Statute

Pitfalls to be Avoided in Drafting

Lessons for Louisiana Landmen from Recent Jurisprudence

New Appellate Arbitration Rules

Enforeability of Forum Selection Bylaw

Trending Risks and Liabilities on the OCS

A Trending Risk and Liability on the OCS: What Happens When a Party Can No Longer Pay to Play?

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