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Gordon Arata Montgomery Barnett is a law firm dedicated to advancing and maintaining a diverse workplace and building an environment of inclusion that reflects the communities and clients that we serve.  Gordon Arata Montgomery Barnett believes that the diversity of our attorneys and staff provides a firm-wide perspective that results in the best available service to our clients. 

Our attorneys and support staff are our most valuable assets – as our success depends on their individual and collective abilities to anticipate, identify, and resolve our clients’ requests and challenges on an ongoing basis in a diverse world. We recognize that true diversity creates a stronger, smarter law firm, better able to manage the needs of our clients and our community.

Gordon Arata Montgomery Barnett's commitment to a diverse, harmonious work environment is reflected in the composition of its Diversity Committee, which includes Firm managers, members, and associates, as well as its human resources director. Its members welcome your inquiries concerning our commitment to diversity.

Martin Landrieu – Member, New Orleans Office
Michael Botnick – Member, New Orleans Office
Kelly Perrier – Member, New Orleans Office
Doug Rhorer – Member, New Orleans Office
Micah Zeno – Associate, New Orleans Office
Daniel Lund – Of Counsel, New Orleans Office
Darlene Cook – Human Resources Manager, New Orleans Office

LSBA Certificate of Commendation



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