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Since our founding in 1970, our oil and gas regulatory practice has remained a central part of our practice.  We have long had the resources and experience to provide our clients with the highest level of representation in every type of oil and gas regulatory issue in or offshore Louisiana and Texas.  We guide clients through each procedure or application.  We help clients nail down the regulatory details before they begin drilling wells, laying pipe or building storage facilities.

We have been exceptionally skilled at dealing with federal and state regulation of the oil and gas industry.  Our lawyers work with and regularly appear before federal and state regulatory agencies including the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Louisiana Commissioner of Conservation, the Louisiana Public Service Commission, the Louisiana State Mineral Board, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and the Railroad Commission of Texas.

Our regulatory services to oil, gas and other energy clients include:

  • Representing clients before the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement on Outer Continental Shelf issues, including over leases, record title and operating rights, pipelines, rights of way, operations, suspensions of production, incidents of non-compliance and penalties
  • Handling spacing and unitization decisions and pursuing the entire process of forced unitization to conclusion, including subsequent follow-up to determine whether additional regulatory or drilling activity is necessary to solidify the client's acreage position
  • Preparing and advising on oil or gas pipeline tariff filings with the Louisiana Public Service Commission or the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  • Obtaining orders to acquire, operate or abandon gas pipelines
  • Guiding clients in obtaining the numerous necessary permits to build and operate gas storage facilities, both in salt dome caverns and in depleted underground reservoirs
  • Representing clients in all matters before the Louisiana State Mineral Board, such as royalty audits, development plan reviews, force majeure incidents and obtaining operating agreements
  • Assisting clients in unclaimed property audits
  • Submitting bids and ensuring compliance with necessary procedures to secure leases and operating agreements from the States of Texas and Louisiana and other governmental agencies
  • Assisting landowners and producer clients in virtually all aspects of Texas oil and gas practice, both before the Railroad Commission of Texas and otherwise

Our title services dovetail nicely with our regulatory work.  Because a number of our attorneys have many years of in-house experience and technical expertise in land, engineering and geology for various companies, and an everyday working relationship with the expert consultants in geology and engineering who regularly appear before the Louisiana Commissioner of Conservation or the Texas Railroad Commission, Gordon Arata Montgomery Barnett offers excellent title counsel and representation for lands located in Louisiana or Texas or on the Outer Continental Shelf.  Accumulated over the past thirty years, our library contains title opinions covering many lands throughout Louisiana, Texas and numerous blocks on the Outer Continental Shelf.

In keeping with our industry leadership, members of the firm have served at various times on committees that help the Commissioner of Conservation draft revised regulations for the Office of Conservation, and we helped draft new statutes on the use of seismic data in conservation hearings and the statutes governing the expanded unitization of deep wells.  Also, several of our attorneys frequently speak on oil and gas regulation at programs sponsored by industry groups and prestigious institutes.

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