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A client cannot sue you for simply failing to achieve the desired result. In order to successfully sue you in a malpractice lawsuit, it is necessary to demonstrate by a preponderance of the evidence that you failed in the performance of your duties and that you were somehow negligent in your service to the client. Furthermore, the client must have suffered some type of loss or damages as a result of this negligence.

Whether or not these conditions can be truthfully met in your case, you are at risk of incurring major civil penalties in the form of an award of damage in the event that you do not successfully defend against a malpractice claim. Your reputation and prestige also are at stake. Don't take chances with your career.

The firm has earned a solid reputation as a leader in the defense of professional liability claims, with especially notable success in the field of directors and officers liability. Clients include physicians, attorneys, accountants, brokers, long-term residential care facilities, and others.
The firm's lawyers have handled cases involving:
  • Simple allegations of professional negligence
  • Complex issues involving errors and omissions
  • Violations of standards of care
  • Scope of representation
  • Allegations of conflict of interest
  •  Questions of competence
The firm has represented many leading law firms and their insurers, both in Louisiana and nationwide.  Daniel Lund, received the Louisiana Bar Foundation's Curtis R. Boisfontaine Trial Advocacy Award in legal malpractice in 2012.

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